The Characters...

This page, obviously, is here to help you guys get to know the people in this story. We're only posting basic information, and we'll try not to post spoilers. And of course, the characters belong to me and BeccaPirate ONLY. Not you. :D But if you do fan art, please, do share with us~

In order of appearance.

Natalia Salis
Alphonse's cousin, original owner of Raven Café.

Age: Twenty-four
Birthday: Feb. 9
Height: 5'8"
Gender: Female
Likes: Books, summer, thai food (anything spicy)
Dislikes: Winter, sweets, conservatives, young obnoxious children

Alphonse ????
Natalia's cousin, originally from Alaska, otaku and video game... enthusiast.

Age: Twenty-two
Birthday: August 28
Height: 6'1"
Gender: Male
Likes: Sweets, anime/manga, music, cold weather
Dislikes: Dull people, chai tea, his parents, game glitches

Laremy Clotaire
Freelance artist, traveller, grew up in Alsace, France.

Age: Twenty-one
Birthday: May 23
Height: 6'4"
Gender: Male
Likes: Photography, drawing, languages, skinny jeans, clove cigarettes
Dislikes: Arrogant people, bad music, gas prices, art block

??? [Zero]
Guy from Russia. Pickpocket. Many odd talents.

Age: Unknown
Birthday: Also Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Gender: Male
Likes: Winter, magic tricks, card games, sweets
Dislikes: Government, religion, squeaky shoes

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