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Raven Cafe is about four people who end up in California, trying to run a coffee shop and pay the rent. Not quite suitable for conservatives, and this manga is read right to left. [...hence the arrows.] Natalia's opening up a coffee shop, her cousin Alphonse is suddenly homeless, along comes a freelance artist from France named Laremy, and a guy from Russia who has secrets and many odd talents.

Latest Comic:

chapter 1 - page 22
chapter 1 - page 22


Hey, comment if you actually read news posts :D I'm curious as to how many people even pay attention to these, hahah.

New Layout and Characters Page

I made a new layout~ :D I really like it so far. The banner image is a pretty old picture, it'll look familiar if you know me from DeviantArt...

And I got to use my crazyawesome html skills and make a Characters page. You should definitely check it out. *mind control beams...*


BeccaPirate [the story writer person] and I have decided that we'll update with a new page every Wednesday and Saturday for you guys, okay? :D So keep an eye out!

The Story Begins

So after beating the crap out of the Art Block monster, I finished page one today. C: I'll keep working hard all week, I've got a lot planned panel-wise.

AND A SPECIAL UBER-THANKS TO MY FRIEND, PIRATE. She's writing this story, I'm drawing it. :D We're a TEAM. YAY.

....Okay well, I can't quite... think of anything else to post. So, sayonara for now, I'll update as much as possible.

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